AR fiberglass roving and GRC spray up roving

AR fiberglass roving and GRC spray up roving

Model No.︰GRCG001

Brand Name︰MAXWELL

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 2500 / Ton

Minimum Order︰3 Ton

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Product Description

Alkali resistant glassfiber roving is mainly designed for  the manufacture of GRC components and mouldings by the spray machine.It is also an ideal replacement of steel and asbestos in unloaded cement strctural component. The GRC components with AR glassfiber roving has excellent alkali-resistance to the corrosion of high - alkali substance of cement. So AR glassfiber roving is widely used in GRC architectural panel,GRC structural elements, civil engineering &infrastructure components.
Upon request,AR fiberglass roving can be chopped into strands with different length,such as 6mm,12mm,24mm etc.

Payment Terms︰ T/T

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